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Daniel Fourie
Daniel Miranda
Soojung Bae
Benyamin Sadra
Nicos Gerasimou
Alex Tolio
Jeremiah Jason Burtis
Hussein Madi
Ivo Gerhold
Andrew Hayles
Goungaf Saâd
Lee Sunggil
Edward Bailey
Vasil Senis
Srinwan Roy
Victor Hingsberg
Konstantinos Ntalachanis
Jason Rasmussen Robert
Domagoj Domo Kutle
Mauricio Dario Bravo
Kishan Harrysingh
Yash Kapoor
Tim Roberts
Jo Christopher Resquites
Eddy Floury
Nitish Joshi
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James Gordon
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Kirk Mahone
Lorenzo Amadori

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High range IQ testing by Christian Backlund (also known as Zolly Darko.) Previous owner of ZollySite and IQNavi.net
A website to test your intelligence and solve intelligence-challenging puzzles!

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Baka is nickname for Backlund == BakaIQ.com

This website works best on PC and with a 1080p resolution.

All tests found on BakaIQ.com is designed by Christian Backlund, the test items are also designed by (Me.)
Of course when I have created tests I've had influences from here and there.
You can find alot of nice and challenging tests here made by an intelligent and divergent mind.

Note that I've been making IQ tests in a period of over 10 years and I started making tests already as a teenager. My first test that I put on the internet was a 5x5 dot test named "Brainforce test." During the years I've received alot of nice and good feedback. People have said that their results were accurate in IQ definition. Some have said that my tests are one of the best on the internet. So feel free to look at my tests even if I am more or less an "amateur" making intelligence-challenging puzzles. However ofcourse since I've been doing this for a long time maybe I am more of a professional IQ test designer. My tests are unique with nice and creative logical patterns. People that are used with my tests may however have a better advantage for higher scores. These tests are also meant for people that are used with IQ testing. If you're a newbie at trying IQ tests online you may get a lower score than what you actually have.

Free tests & paid tests. Tests measuring IQ (sd15.) up to 188. Spatial, numerical, verbal and culture fair tests.

Of course do not take the tests or the results of these tests too serious;
However the test scores will not be too far from accurate -- but do not lean on them as your valid IQ.
But if you love going through IQ puzzles this is a great site for that. I have both free tests and tests that you pay to receive your result.

My sendto test scores can be used for membership in these High-IQ societies=
ENIGMA Society & SYNAPSE IQ Societies & STAR intellects high IQ society

(My free tests/ tests with instant result cannot however be used for the membership in these IQ-societies.)

If you want your scores of any of the send-to tests to be listed in the Hall of Fame page send me an e-mail and let me know!
Listing will be free until October 5th, 2021. After that you'll have to pay a fee of 3€ to my paypal if you want to be listed.

Note also that I use the date system= DD/MM/YY.
So that you wont be confused with the dates !

Feel free to use the Forum for comments and /or feedback!
If you need to e-mail me my e-mail address is= [email protected]
Enjoy the tests @ bakaiq.com !

Highly recommending new sendto test= EZ-IQ-Test

My old website IQNavi.net is back online where you can try alot of free tests made by me.

If you want to be listed as a member of BakaIQ.com please send me an e-mail and let me know!

My tests @ IQExams.net

If you however want to try some tests made by me that may have a more accurate norm I highly recommend my tests at IQExams.net
The tests are normed by Hans Sjöberg. I highly recommend these tests if you're looking for an accurate IQ result when testing.
Testing info IQExams: The current conditions are (2020-02-16) Free results: wait 28 days with membership or 35 days without membership. Instant results can always be bough fore US$ 7.90. For further information, see https://iqexams.net/plans.php

An IQ-curve with sd 15 and sd 16:

Levels of Intelligence quotent:

IQ (sd 15.) Comment
170 and above Ultra high / Highest genius
155 - 169 Extremely high / Genius
145 - 154 Genius or near genius
130 - 144 Very superior
120 - 129 Superior
110 - 119 High average
90 - 109 Average
80 - 89 Low average
70 - 79 Borderline
69 and below Extremely low

More info about IQ:

An average human has an IQ of 85 to 115 accordingly to the Standard Deviation of 15. There is also the SD 16 (Stanford-binet.) and sd 24 (Catell) which Mensa sometimes uses. You can find a score-table of IQ scores below. IQ tests may measure a part of your intelligence but there are also parts of your intelligence that IQ tests do not measure. This is why because if you have scored bad on IQ tests it doesn't make you stupid or mean that you have a low intelligence. However IQ tests does measure a big part of your intelligence. If you score good on IQ tests the chance you have for a succesful life is ofc much higher. Some disabilities like ADHD, depression and schizophrenia will affect your IQ score as well (But you can receive a much better result if your condition is improved.) Most IQ tests are culture fair because it's the best way of measuring IQ tests all over the world. Culture fair tests are tests usually based on spatial intelligence (figure series,analogies,matrices etc.) Not all tests on the Internet is accurate. A good idea also is to compare your results with other tests and through that determine about how high your Intelligence quotent is.

You can find other tests that I have designed @ IQNavi.net & IQexams.net & IQHaven.com & Brainzilla.com & iqteZt.com

    You can find a table of the rarity of IQ-scores Here!

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//Zolly Darko.

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