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Welcome to my website! My name is Christian Backlund (also known as Zolly Darko.) Born in Finland during 1986. I'm not a professional or educated in IQ and IQ testing so ofc do not take these tests or the result of them too serious. However if you want to try your intelligence and like to solve intelligence-challenging puzzles this is a good site for that. I am also the previous owner of ZollySite and IQNavi. As I am also the author of tests at and also I've made the IQ tests at So I have some experience with IQ and IQ testing since a period of over 10 years. The first tests I made as a teenager and one of them was "The brainforce test." Which is a 5x5 figure sequence test.

Intelligence quotent (IQ) is a score of your intelligence. IQ tests measures your gift in pattern recognition, logical thinking and cognitive skills. An IQ below 70 means that your IQ is very low as an IQ above 120 is considered superior. An IQ above 145 is very high and sometimes also classed as a score of genius. Only 1% has an IQ above 135 and 10% of the population has an IQ above 120.
All scores above 120 is good especially for online testing. People that try their IQ on the internet also have a much higher IQ than the regular population. Some tests may be less accurate and some tests more accurate. If you want to know your IQ this is not a site for that but I'll suggest that you try yourself at Mensa or with a psychologist for the most accurate results of your intelligence. Einstein is said to have an IQ of 160 which is a very rare score and only 1 person of 31560 people has an IQ this high. If you score good at the tests you can find on this site the chance that you'll pass the Mensa test is ofc much higher. This website is mainly devoted to test your IQ (but not really to determine what IQ you have.) But if you score good on my tests it logically means that you are gifted/ intelligent. I have some of my old send-to tests from zollysite and new tests will come.

You'll find my tests at the top of the webpage. I have free tests and send-to based tests. The free tests does not require that you'll register an account or pay for your result. However the script for the free tests will save your results (but I will not share them with anyone.) I will use the statistics to norm the tests. The send-to tests however cost a fee of 10€ for correcting your test, but you don't need to register to do so. You will also receive an IQ certificate with your name, raw score and IQ accordingly to current norm.

Also: Sometimes pages on must be refreshed (ctrl+R) to see the updated version. It is recommended doing so when checking IQ norm and scores-list.
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    An IQ-curve with sd 15 and sd 16:

Levels of Intelligence quotent:

IQ (sd 15.) Comment
170 and above Alien IQ
155 - 169 Incredible high IQ / genius level
145 - 154 Genius or near genius
130 - 144 Very superior
120 - 129 Superior
110 - 119 High average
90 - 109 Average
80 - 89 Low average
70 - 79 Borderline
69 and below Extremely low

More info about IQ:

An average human has an IQ of 85 to 115 accordingly to the Standard Deviation of 15. There is also the SD 16 (Stanford-binet.) and sd 24 (Catell) which Mensa sometimes uses. You can find Info about the IQ scores here. IQ tests may measure a part of your intelligence but there are also parts of your intelligence that IQ tests do not measure. This is why because if you have scored bad on IQ tests it doesn't make you stupid or mean that you have a low intelligence. However IQ tests does measure a big part of your intelligence. If you score good on IQ tests the chance you have for a succesful life is ofc much higher. Some disabilities like ADHD, depression and schizophrenia will affect your IQ score as well (But you can receive a much better result if your condition is improved.) Most IQ tests are culture fair because it's the best way of measuring IQ tests all over the world. Culture fair tests are tests usually based on spatial intelligence (figure series,analogies,matrices etc.) Not all tests on the Internet is accurate. A good idea also is to compare your results with other tests and through that determine about how high your Intelligence quotent is.

You can find other tests which I've designed @ & &

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