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Aion is back online

2020-06-12 07:05
A new test with same name as my previous test "Aion Test " that was
removed from my website a while ago.
feel free to try this test everyone ! imo its a very good test with
many new logics. 10€ fee for correcting test as usual.
Norm is atm theoretical and might change after a few testees has tried it.
mainly culture fair test but also some items that require a bit of
education/knowledge. some very difficult items.

Reply 1 - 2020-06-19 15:53
I enjoyed this one, worth looking at. First attempt was 18/25, a little disappointing, but I was able to correct it and get 21/25 which I was ok with. With a little more patience, I think that would've been my score the first time, but sometimes I rush and overly presume I have the right answer (we all do it sometimes). It's a fun and challenging test without having to take a very long time (like Zolly's tests in general).
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