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Leaving Forum

2020-06-19 20:54
I will no longer be posting on this forum. I will no longer be checking any threads on here. I thought maybe I had found a good place to discuss HRTs, and then this horrible "Jane" person totally ruined my experience. Good luck to everyone and maybe I'll see you in some contests.

-James Gordon

Reply 1 - 2020-06-20 05:41
James i am sorry about what happened on the forum
i have removed those posts of insult
also Jane please dont attack people in the forum

Reply 2 - 2020-06-20 06:02
OK Paul. I know that I maybe sensitive to some IQ matters but insults where bothways. I am also sure that James will be looking around here and as far as I am concerned I am willing to apologize and ask him to be back in forum and your brilliant tests. We need good testees around and now that his ID was revealed I am sure he will understand my respect and my apology.
jane of tarzan
Reply 3 - 2020-06-21 05:17
I sent an email to Zolly asking him to please delete my posts/threads if possible because I lost control of how that situation escalated. He let me know he had already done so and directed me to his message on here. Thank you Zolly.

I will have to think this over. I definitely lost my temper several hundred percent more than is typical for me, and for that I am sorry to Jane as well. I accept your apology. I am not sure it’s safe emotionally for myself and others for me to interact on this forum any longer, due to my sensitivity.

Of course I like and respect Zolly and will continue to enjoy his tests, even if I do choose to stay away from the forum. Thank you.

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