The Baka IQ Test

A fullscale intelligence test by Christian Backlund.
Made in January 2020. @

There is no time-limit. (Recommended time: A few hours. )
Pencil, paper and a pocket calculator is allowed.
No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere.
A fee of 10 € must also be sent to: [email protected] for correcting your test.
Second submission is also a fee of 10 €.
Your real name is required for the scores-list but if you want to remain anonymous let me know.
It usually takes about a few hours up to 3 days before you'll receive your results.
If you have not received your result within 3 days resend your email.
It is allowed to use resources to find knowledge about some of these items, but cheating is not allowed!

Write down your answer in a e-mail using this Text-file to copy&paste your solutions into the e-mail.
Send your solutions to: [email protected] with mail subject "The Baka Test answers."
Do not send your solutions in a image-file or any kind of document file. Paste them directly into the e-mail.

Since the Test is Key-corrected it is recommended that you find as many possible logical solutions for an item as possible.
If you find more than one solution you must however put an explanation to your solutions.
This way you may save yourself from not getting a score when you think you had solved the problem.
The test consist of 50 items total (not all items are culture-fair.) The test ranges from easy to highly difficult.
Good luck and enjoy!

You can find the Scores-list and IQ norm Here!