The-Ultimate-Numerical-Exam Test.

A high-range numerical& alphabetical test by Christian Backlund aka: Zolly Darko.
Available since August 2019 @
There is no time-limit. Paper, pencil and a pocket calculator is allowed.
No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere.
A name or nickname is also required (for the scores-list.) If you want to be anonymous let me know.
A fee of 10€ must also be sent to my paypal= [email protected] for correcting the test.
Second submission is also a fee of 10€.

Write down your answers using this TEXT-FILE to copy&paste into the mail.
Send your solutions to [email protected] with mail subject "TUNE test answers."
Do not send your solutions in a image-file or any kind of document file but paste them directly into the mail.

It is highly recommended that you work at least a few hours on the test.
The test consist of 23 mixed (numerical and alphabetical) items. The test is considered culture-fair.
Most of the items are by simple mathematical logics and you'll need to know the alphabet for some of these items.
The test is Key corrected to be fair with all testees.
People that are used with my tests may get a bit higher score than the other population.

You can find the Test here (it's a PDF file.)
Scores-list and IQ norm can be found here.

Good luck and enjoy!

Test updates:

Item 17 & 21 updated. 29/8/2019.
Item 5 & 9 updated. 10/1/2020.