High range culture fair IQ test by Christian Backlund aka: Zolly Darko.
Available since: 22/12/2019.

No time-limit. (Recommending a few hours spent on the test.)
Pencils and papers are allowed.
No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere.
A name or nickname is required for the scores-list. If you want to remain anonymous let me know.
10€ must be sent to my paypal= [email protected] for correcting the test.
Second submission is also a fee of 10€.
Use this text-file to copy& paste your solutions into an e-mail and send your answers to [email protected] with mail subject "NoNameTest answers."
Do not send your solutions in a image-file or any kind of document file but paste them directly into the mail.

Note! If you cannot type : or . or _ in the email use X for : and Y for . and Z for _.

This test is culture fair. The test item solutions are by simple culture fair logics. It is recommended that you search for several logical solutions for each item (but give an explanation for each logic if you have more than one answer for an item.) This way you may save yourself from not getting a score (Test is key-corrected.) Good luck and enjoy!

Scores-list and IQ-norm can be found Here!

The test:

Example= :::...:::... (the solution is :::)

End of the test.