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Are you interested in having an own IQ test on your sites or you need test for other thing?
I am currently selling tests at 500 € per test. Both free tests and "sendto" tests.
Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in buying tests from me.

My tests over the years has received great feedback and many has said they are one of the best tests online.
You can also use these tests for professional IQ testing. My free tests also has alot of test statistics that you will also receive if you buy the test.
I've got experience as an IQ test designer for over 10 years and I started making tests as a teenager.

Note! I do not sell EZ-IQ test, L33tus Test, W-Test and ZD Legenda test or ZUN Test.

When you buy tests from me the Copyright will be yours and tests will also be removed from my site.
I highly recommend that you are used with php and html coding before you consider to buy these tests!

I am as well selling (the url and the tests.) at a price of 1500 €.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or is interested in buying!

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